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Vispasaules pārtikas diena

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16. oktobris 2018 gads "Vispasaules pārtikas diena"
16 October 2018 "World Food Day" - Lauksaimniecības un pārtikas ANO organizācija (FAO) Pasaules pārtikas programma WFP ar mērķi "Nē-izsalkumam (Zero hunger)" jau 2030 gadā.
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(Food) Waste Not Want Not

The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) together with the Freedom and Solidarity Foundation (BSF) is holding an event and discussion to launch its latest publication on the topic of food waste. Joint work on this topic began with a seminar in 2016 and has progressed into a larger research project: We are happy to be able to share our findings with you and to exchange more on this important topic.

With one third of food wasted before it even reaches our plates there are serious economic, environmental and social costs concerned. Reduction of food waste is now part of the circular economy package at European level and also one of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is also important to target this in reaching the climate objectives of the Paris agreement to reduce global greenhouse emissions that would benefit everyone.

The book aims to bring further awareness to the issue of food waste, it sets out the current situation, where the problem lies and where the challenges are when addressing the issue. Offering some useful examples from different regions in Europe where new initiatives have been created to tackle this issue, it brings together contributions from political, academic and civil society spheres into a positive outlook on how to reduce our food waste footprint. ... t-not.html
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FEPS is the European progressive political foundation.

The only progressive think tank at European level. FEPS establishes an intellectual crossroad between social democracy and the European project, putting fresh thinking at the core of its action. As a platform for ideas and dialogue, FEPS works in close collaboration with social democratic organisations, and in particular national foundations and think tanks across Europe, to tackle the challenges that Europe faces today. Close to the Party of European Socialists (PES), the S&D Group in the European Parliament, the PES Group in the Committee of the Regions, Young European Socialists and PES women, but nevertheless independent.

FEPS embodies a new way of thinking on the social democratic, socialist and labour scene in Europe.

Our main purpose is to nourish a fresh progressive dialogue through its research, which includes Next Left and Millennial Dialogue programmes. Activities are in person and online are available in different formats. Notably FEPS Progressive Post magazine and the European Progressive Observatory digital platform as well as further publications and events are where you can find our material.
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